What is MidStates VRS?

MidStates VRS territory map

MidStates VRS is a service that provides RTK quality corrections via cellular connections. The Virtual Reference Station (VRS) will utilize multiple Base Stations located across the Dakotas. Anyone with RTK correction needs that has sufficient cell coverage simply connects via a cell modem for a personalized signal without the hassle of setting up a base station or radio.

The data from the reference stations is used to model errors throughout your region. The model is used to create a network of “virtual” reference stations near your current location, which then provide a “localized” set of standard format correction messages for your roving receiver.

Since the error models are updated every second, all rovers receive an optimal correction model after connecting to the network. This ensures a high quality correction, and accuracy.

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Fully Staffed Technology Support

MidStates VRS network is built upon the industry leading experience of Trimble Virtual Reference Station Systems. Trimble’s platform is the industry standard when it comes to reliable continuously operating real-time networks. In addition, Our network is supported by our fully staffed Technology Call Center ready to take your calls and assist in all of your VRS needs.

How do I find out if VRS is right for me?

If you are in agriculture and considering RTK quality guidance for row crops or water management, VRS will help tremendously.

The VRS system is a valuable technology and can cover more miles in harsher terrain without the hassle of setting up base stations. However, performance is dependent on cell phone signal reliability.

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